Alone in the Dark is the début album of

Jonathan Bulmer.

This album is a mixture of Rock, Blues and Northern Soul which influences the blind musician’s work. Jonathan Bulmer’s style ranges from the contemporary melodic rock of Mild Mannered Maniac to the emotional, soul searing ballads Coming Home and Hey. The album is  now available in all download stores
Jonathan Bulmer's Alone in the Dark album cover depicting  a man leaning against a lamp post at night on a deserted seafront street
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Some tracks from Jonathan Bulmer’s

upcoming Alone in the Dark album 

released on November 27th 2017 are


Mild Mannered Maniac
Life Testimony
Alone in the Dark
Echoes of You
Coming Home

About Jonathan Bulmer (Full Story)

Jonathan Bulmer is a blind songwriter who loves Northern Soul, Rocking and singing the Blues. He draws his inspiration from artists such as Paul Weller, the Black Crowes and anyone else who has a story to tell through the music. Before losing his sight, Jonathan Bulmer was a lighting consultant for many years.  Thus proving that life is not without a sense of irony.  He now spends his time in the studio creating, composing and dreaming.
Image of Jonathan Bulmer
The next project which Jonathan Bulmer is working on is a rock novella telling how the experiences of a boy’s youth affects his adult life.  Will he learn and rise, or repeat and fail? The projected release date for this album is aiming to be the end of summer2018.

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