Jonathan Bulmer is a blind singer, songwriter, composer and producer from Nottingham who loves Northern Soul, Rocking and singing the Blues. He draws his inspiration from various genres, artists and  anyone else who has a story to tell through the music. 

He is currently working on a Rock Novella telling the story of someone born to a very young alcoholic mother and  how their childhood experiences affected their adult life.

Image of Jonathan sitting between the coast and sea wall

How It All Began

The ups, downs and experiences which influences Jonathan

Like most people, I wasn't born into money.  In fact, I used to believe that this was the main reason that I was the target for all pranks, beatings and bullying suffered throughout my school life.  This however was not the case as you will find out later.  But for now, let's just leave it there with the knowledge that I was not exactly popular as a child.

Image of a child being bullied

You see, I had always thought differently to everyone else.  Where most see the grey between the lines, I only see black and white.  A pure sense of on or off. yes or no logic.  Not belonging and weird was a pretty good social summation.  But through all of this was my love of music.  Singing took me to a place where I felt safe.  In my music, I was king.

I left home as soon as I could, which happened far before I was ready due to a teenage action which saw me disowned.  This part I have written about in the song "Coming Home" (Alone in the Dark album 2017).  From there, I was clueless, naive and homeless.  A state in which I remained for the next ten years whereupon many things were experienced from alcohol to drugs.  In fact anything which could take my mind from thinking too much about my plight.  It was at this point that I was knocked down by a car resulting in, amongst other things, the loss of sight in my right eye.

A man walking alone in a storm

After many years of complete indifference, isolation and living completely off the social grid, I finally pulled myself together and began my first ever , genuine career as a lighting consultant. I loved the accuracy and logic of maths and trigonometry which came with the job.  But hated the social interactive side which made me talk to people.  So I recreated the role in a way where I could solve everyone's problems remotely (written about in Mild Mannered Maniac).  I still played in the odd band as a singer but this was more of a hobby and something I continued to do throughout my life. I did learn though that you can never expand on a career without meeting people and this is where I found my limit.  A breakdown ensued which left me asking myself who I was and nearly costing me dearly.  This I wrote about in Hey. 

At this point, 40 years into my existence, I bit the bullet and talked to someone.  I was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.  Where most people can pick up on the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) social cues, I just left them scattering across the room.  Utterly oblivious.

Man sitting on a chair with head in hands, clealry upset

Soon after, to add insult to injury, My left eye caught up with the right and I was left totally blind and useless to the lighting community.  I know this sounds like a cliffhanger from your favourite Soap Opera but there it is, Sightless, jobless and understandably depressed, I spent months re-evaluating my life wondering how I could be a part of a world which surely had no further use for me. 

I was spent.

The one thing which I still had though was my music.  It is in my soul and so I decided that as a form of therapy, I would write a song.  Get all of my thoughts out of my head and into something more tangible.  Empty my well of procrastination to make room for further inspiration.  Thus began the song writing career of Jonathan Bulmer.

Like a lot of people, I have issues when it comes to talking about feelings.  I am perceived as an emotionless robot.  However, perceptions are usually quite distant from the truth and this is no different for me.  Song writing allows me to express myself in a way that I never could in front of my loved ones.  This is encapsulated within my song Alone in the Dark which tells how I have built walls around the world to keep it out but in doing so, created my own prison to keep me in.

A man overwhelmed by his emotions

Now though, after completing my first album, I have found a semblance of peace through being reunited with the music.  I am finally letting the world know that I exist through the song.

So if ever you think that life has gotten too much, or you have become lost.  Take some time out and look at yourself.  You may have forgotten some of the things which you are capable of to bring you back.

Thank you all for getting to know me